Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Frida Necklace

As an artist and vintage enthusiast I have always admired the art and style of Frida Kahlo. 
I just started reading Frida Kahlo's biography and I instantly became inspired by her effortless, whimsical style, as well as her fascinating and incredibly painful life story. When I read or hear about interesting people, I can't help but want to stare at pictures of them all day to try and get a glimpse of the real them. As if they were standing right in front of me. 

When I look at these old photos, I can't help but notice her hair adorned with flowers, her Tehuana costumes, and the large and beautiful chunky necklaces paired with pendant earrings. When I was younger, whenever Frida's appearance was mentioned, everyone was so fixated on her facial hair, but I couldn't help but notice the bright colors she wore. 

More than anything, its her necklaces that really set me over the top. They are so unconventionally beautiful, just like Frida Kahlo. Huge stone nuggets, chokers, and Pre-Columbian Mexican beads. 

I have been mentally designing a few Frida inspired necklaces for the shop. Here are a few of my inspirational photos for my upcoming designs. (Some photos are from the movie Frida, who was played by Selma Hayek. Her costumes in the film make me just as insane as the actual photos of Frida herself). 

center part hair + Colonial style earrings + Pre-Columbian jade beads = my next formal attire look

Frida and Diego Rivera
The first in amazing pattern mixing

Frida in front of a big ass agave. Peasant skirt <3
Not one, but two statement necklaces
Just a hawk, nbd // color swoooooon
Just a baby deer, nbd. Another amazing pattern mix.

Stills from the movie Frida...

Velvet shirt with vibrant floral pattern!!
Selma as Frida
This shirt paired with that gold necklace. I can't.

There are about a billion more Frida Kahlo photos (as well as stills from the movie) that I could show. I love just about every one of them. For now I will leave you with these and show more once I introduce BarnabyJack's take on the Frida necklace. Stay tuned!